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Welcome to the Institute for the Environment (IENV) at HKUST. We are living in a world facing serious interrelated environmental problems including climate change, pervasive pollution, reduction in bio-diversity, and supply looming constraints for number of key natural resources. Individually, and especially in combination, these pose serious challenges to sustainable development. Managing and minimizing these challenges requires an integrated, multidisciplinary approach involving basic and applied scientists, technologists, thinkers, and policy makers in academia, industries and the government. IENV is an interdisciplinary research institute of HKUST that promotes and conducts research aimed at improving the environment of Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta, and beyond. We collaborate with a number of academic, industrial and environmental non-governmental partners. On this website, you will find information on the research and educational activities we are currently undertaking.

Prof. Jimmy Fung
Director and Professor


A World of

The HKUST Institute for the Environment (IENV) is an innovative, multidisciplinary research organization that brings exciting opportunities for fresh discoveries and a dynamic force for change in an area of critical importance for Hong Kong's future development.


IENV focuses on a number of key environmental areas - air, water, solids/land, marine, and economy and society - to boost sustainable development and improve people's lives. While our studies investigate areas of local and regional high impact, results carry international significance, advancing worldwide understanding of the way the environment works and drawing global attention to Hong Kong as a center for pioneering research in this field.  


Taking advantage of HKUST's existing strength and resources, IENV comprises the first cohesive interdisciplinary "think tank" on environmental issues in Hong Kong. It involves faculty members from all four of HKUST's Schools - Science, Engineering, Business & Management, and Humanities and Social Science - combining scientific research and technological development with social, economic and policy issues.


It paves the way for greater interaction between faculty members and industry and for raising environmental awareness among the Hong Kong community through education programs and advisory input.


As most local environmental problems have regional implications, we also seek strong partnerships with government and academic institutions in the Mainland. Thus, IENV research activities will be developed to meet the needs of Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta.


IENV sets out to make a difference to our lives. We are striving to work towards a cleaner, healthier, more productive environment for all.

IENV Mission

To be a world-class interdisciplinary institution for environmental research, education, and training that provides a leadership role in Hong Kong and the region with significant impact on society.

Setting the Pace

IENV has established goals in several different areas to expand knowledge and awareness of environmental issues



The Institute seeks to deliver results with significant international impact and to lead the Asia-Pacific region in environmental research. The ability to pursue projects from an interdisciplinary perspective will ensure that we have an innovative approach that will yield high-impact breakthroughs. IENV also embraces large-scale research programs with Mainland partners.



To prepare the next generation of environmentally aware movers and shakers who can meet the needs of Hong Kong and surrounding areas, IENV assists with the development and organization of high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate degree environmental programs at HKUST. The Institute also provides input for general education courses for HKUST students to increase understanding of essential environmental concerns. Meanwhile, professional training programs for both public and private sectors enhance awareness of sustainable development and increase professionalism.



IENV seeks to stimulate community debate and interest in the environment and assist in the formulation of policies. This may take the form of advice and consultancy to professional and government bodies, seminars, and promotion of the University's environmental activities and research. Since the Institute is the focal point for environmental research at HKUST, one of  its significant roles is to educate the public on important environmental issues and research breakthroughs and become a "think tank" for environmentally-related government agencies



World-Class Research Pioneers


IENV draws on the expertise of more than 50 faculty members across different departments in the areas of Science, Engineering, Business & Management and Social Science. Led by the IENV Director, this innovative combination of academic minds puts the Institute in a leading position to tackle the most challenging of environmental concerns.


HKUST has already established a world reputation as a research institute and many individual faculty members working on environmental research have received international awards and honors for significant contributions in their respective fields.


IENV is supported by an Environmental Central Facility which provides the necessary human resources and specialized equipment to ensure effective collaboration between departments at HKUST and effective coordination of the Institute's teaching and research activities.


Given the cross-border nature of many environmental issues, emphasis is also placed on research collaboration with the Mainland through key environmental laboratories established in Hong Kong and in the Mainland.