Empower the Public with Personalized Air Quality Information


New App Helps Users Reduce Air Pollution Exposure Health Risk

An innovative mobile app powered by PRAISE-HK provides practical solutions to lower personal exposure and health risk to air pollution in Hong Kong. It combines groundbreaking technologies including artificial intelligence (AI) and big data, sensor technologies, air quality modelling systems and exposure science.  The app let users get real-time and forecasted information up to 48-hour on outdoor air quality in Hong Kong down to street level. This information can help people (esp. sensitive groups, athletes) with personalized information to plan ahead their activities and map out their own routes to refrain from heavily polluted areas. 

We aware that the 16 air quality monitoring stations (AQMS) operated by the Environmental Protection Department provide ambient air quality information at district levels for public reference. However, the city’s air quality actually varies a lot at street level due to multiple factors including:

  1. Release of air pollutants from nearby and far away emission sources e.g. human related sources like vehicles and ships, power plant, industrial plants, residential and commercial buildings, natural sources like storms and forest fires etc.
  2. Transportation of pollutants by winds from one place to another
  3. Other meteorological factors like temperature, sunshine and rainfall that affect the photo-chemical transformation of the air pollutants enroute
  4. Urban morphology that affects the dispersion and ventilation of air pollution in the city.

PRAISE-HK takes into account a broad range of aforementioned data and then computes the level of air quality by linking two air quality modelling systems - (1) CMAQ (Regional Emissions) and (2) ADMS and MATsim (Local Urban Morphology & traffic statistic) to create a state-of-the-art air quality forecasting system for Hong Kong.

For the next phase, the upgrade of app provides personal air pollution exposure tracking both indoor and outdoor so it can evaluate how much pollutant an individual is getting from its daily travel routes.

By 2021, the upgrade of app will cover personalized alerts and recommendations tailored to users’ health condition and daily habits.


  1. At personal level, PRAISE-HK App enables users (especially users with chronic illnesses or respiratory problem) to make informed decisions (through picking a cleaner route, or a cleaner activity time and location) to reduce personal exposure and health risk from harmful pollutants.
  2. At community level, citizens can identify pollution hotspots and influence decision-making process (e.g. relocating bus-stops or advocating for changes in loading time or locations, to reduce exposure for vulnerable groups). 
  3. At public policy level, PRAISE-HK would provide evidence for advocating changes in some key policy sectors, such as the building sector (for better indoor air quality), urban planning sector (for improving urban ventilation), and the transport sector (for managing traffic emissions).


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PRAISE-HK App Features

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